This is where I learn to be a realist.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

It’s been a month since I join the intermediate class and there was an announcement showing the current leaderboard. Yes, this program uses a point system to determine how “Gigih” we are in the class. I feel satisfied with my score. It shows what I was for the past 3–4 weeks. I wasn’t in the best position starting from the 3rd week because the material becomes more difficult. I believe I can change my rank for the better or worse. Why worse? Because the situation becomes more competitive, people at the upper rank are eager to be more active as before. So, I tune down my expectation as low as receiving a certificate is enough for me. If I don’t make it to the next level, that’s it. I will apply for a job vacancy or join another online class. I have prepared alternative plans after finishing this program.

Is there something I want to ask for friends who made it to the top of the board? Nothing to ask. But what I want to say for them is “Congratulations. You deserve it. You have given many contributions to help us grow.” In my opinion, their experience and very green GitHub Account made them succeed. I learn that experience is still the best teacher. Unfortunately, not all of us have the privilege to gain that experience. And I’m grateful to be a part of this program. Anyway, some of us are at the bottom of the leaderboard. It makes them frustrated, I think. It feels like they are lost in a long dark tunnel with no light at the end of the path. My solution is I will tell them to not give a damn thing about points. Why? Because it doesn’t define you as a loser. A loser is someone so afraid of losing, they don’t even try. What you must do is see something from another perspective. I’m sure there’s a light waiting to be seen.



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