This is what I experienced in the first week of the intermediate class

Salsabila Athika Ramadhani
2 min readJul 12, 2021
Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

A week had passed, so did many pieces of information inside my mind. Those pieces of information were related to things I would learn in Frontend Engineering Path for 2 months. What I felt about the entire week of this class was most exciting and challenging. Why both? Because in my life, I had never expected that I would be taught by an engineer from Gojek directly through Zoom.

Also, the homework I received is not familiar to me since my college background is related to a computer network, not software engineering. Surely I usually confused at first when reading my homework. Besides if I faced difficulty, I could always ask for help. That was what mentors and classmates usually do, helping each other. In this first week, I also practiced speaking in front of audiences although not directly speaking in the same room. It was important to me since I’m not a talkative person especially to new people around me. That experience of asking questions through the mic may reduce my fear of public speaking, or asking. That feeling is natural to most people in the class. I saw some students also beginning to ask questions through the mic. That alone makes an interaction less boring between students and mentors.

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Also, on Friday we talked in mostly English. That added more challenge for most of us who rarely speaks English outside English class. Imagine listening to material about GIT and CRA in English while everyone’s listening skills may be different from each other. Then again, I could always ask if I didn’t understand the material. My mentors are active and their answers are motivating for me to learn more. Anyway, speaking wasn’t the only most important thing I learned last week. Understanding Javascript, GIT, CRA is also important besides learning basic HTML and CSS. As a front-end engineer path student, building cosmetics isn’t the only objective. And that was my reflection for the first week as an intermediate participant in Generasi Gigih Program.