My two weeks of Generasi Gigih class, so far…

Salsabila Athika Ramadhani
2 min readJul 19, 2021
Photo by Paul Esch-Laurent on Unsplash

Two weeks of the class has been running rather smoothly in a way I can describe in three passages of time, Past, Present, and Future. For the past two weeks, I had learned many things in the frontend engineering path, most are related to creating a react application. It was an intriguing subject. Why? Because I never learned it on campus and I am interested in learning something foreign to me. I knew very little of the subject that week. What I knew about React app was it used JSX syntax. It has some differences from the usual JS syntax. And I often made an error when making a simple syntax especially in writing an image tag because I forgot to add “/” at the end of the tag. After I finished the class for the second week, I had learned how to make components and props in React. I also was taught by mentors how to make my own Spotify tracklist using react. I could only make it so simple that I displayed my tracks as a table. I hadn’t re-learn how to CSS yet, that was why my tracklist looked plain. I wasn’t disappointed with my result for being a beginner.

Recently, I feel anxious about all of the homework I had done. My result isn’t that good compare to other students. I’m a total newbie, after all. Despite my worries, I have a particular favorite when doing homework. I like making my so-called Spotify tracklist. I can feel a nostalgic feeling when doing it. It reminds me of my college year, back when I was assigned to develop a web app. What I enjoy about this piece of work is I was given the freedom to do what I want. There is no need to go the extra mile when doing homework. It doesn’t pressure me as a newbie to make it as aesthetic as possible in a limited amount of time.

All this knowledge I have learned will be used for a future job if I ever get employed as a front-end engineer. I can see that react is going to be more popular. Perhaps, I can also use it to practice developing my app so my GitHub account becomes greener than ever.