I’m growth and still growing.

Salsabila Athika Ramadhani
2 min readAug 15, 2021
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Finally, the technical class ended last Friday. What an insightful adventure. I can’t believe I have been done that the whole 6 weeks without absence. Although I skipped some homework because I didn’t have much time to finish it on time without error. So, I will start answering several questions for this last reflection.

1. As a FE student, what did I know 6 weeks ago dan what do I know now?
Answer: Before = I thought it’s only about styling the web. After = It’s more than that. You also learn about creating a react app with hook, redux, and so on. You are taught to make the outer part of the app, not the inner part. And then testing, building, deploying. Yes, it’s more than just doing a makeover.

2. What skills have I developed in the past 6 weeks? What skills do I need to develop now?
Answer: I develop a tiny bit of Javascript. I still see myself as a newbie because 6 weeks isn’t enough to be a professional Javascript programmer. My speaking skill in English is gradually developed. Because in this program, we are forced to speak in English once a week. It doesn’t matter how bad my grammar was, what matters is to make myself confident to speak in English. My soft skill is slowly developed through webinar and IDP (Individual Development Plan) mentoring.

3. What good habits did you learn by joining GenerasiGigih?
Answer: A habit to be friendly with new people. It’s a beneficial habit. Maybe it will help me to find a job through networking.

4. In percentage, measure how your learning process in GenerasiGIGIH has
improved your chance to be hired or employed in your aspired field? Tell us your evidence.
Answer: This program help improve me through technical skills, English skills, and soft skills. I believe my chance to be hired is as low as getting an SSR in gacha games without a pity system. It’s about < 1% if I only apply for a job once. Otherwise, it can be increased as high as 50%. I feel alienated in the frontend world based on my learning process. So, I need more experience. I don’t believe my current technical skill has a very high chance to be employed. I’m a shifter too, after all.

5. At the end of this technical class, are you proud of yourself? Why or Why not?
Answer: Looking back to my previous self before joining this class, I’m proud of my improvement. It doesn’t improve drastically. But, at least I didn’t improve backward. Why should I be proud? Because I learn to be a confident person. Confident enough to be me. Not pretending to be someone else for recognition.