Here are my answers for the fifth reflection.

Salsabila Athika Ramadhani
2 min readAug 9, 2021
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to give a question to friends. Now, it’s my turn to answer at least 3 questions that have been compiled. So, the first question I choose is…

1. How do you deal with losing or setbacks in your life?
Answer: Well, I would just give up, haha. Unfortunately, the show must go on and I’m not allowed to give up because I may miss many wonderful things in life. What I do is I just follow the stream. It has many obstacles along the way but I keep moving forward. I also try to stop myself from comparing other people. Saying it is easier, I must admit. Thanks to my family, boyfriend, and friends, they never stop supporting me when I’m down. In the end, you also need someone else to reach the summit together without falling into the abyss then never move an inch ever again.

2. How do you tackle burnout when learning about so many things in so little time?
Answer: I always take a nap at 2 or 3 PM every Monday to Friday at least for an hour. Why? Because my eyes need a rest. Poor things, they must be staring at the monitor for hours, am I right? Besides taking a nap, I also play video games, sometimes in co-op mode for social interaction.

3. What kind of future self do you want yours to be? How will GenerasiGigih help you to become your future self?
Answer: I want a future self that has a stable income. I’m a simple person. I just want a job with a stable income. I’m not an overachiever that wants to conquer the world. Not being a burden to my parents is more than enough. This program helps me to become my future self, especially the part when I was taught to make a good CV and to answer job interviews correctly.

Photo by Will B on Unsplash

Based on what I have experienced these past weeks, my secondary tagline for this program will be “ExpandYourView”. It means expanding your point of view toward everything. Looking at one thing from another side, maybe you will find a hidden gem there. The narrower your view, the fewer gems you will see. It is also a motto not to falsely judge someone before getting to know them. Because most engineers will work in a group.