Discord: my best media to communicate with peers (while playing a game)

Photo by Nassim All on Unsplash

I knew Discord in 2019 from a gaming group. We usually chat using WhatsApp but unfortunately, most members use WhatsApp for work, not gaming. So, we decide to use Discord as an alternative platform to communicate unrelated to work. I was hesitant at first because the UI is new to me so I just adapted to it. I’m amazed that in the channel you can make a specific role based on your in-game occupation and there will be a channel for a specific role. I love that feature since it makes a group chat more organized. And then, there is a voice channel too? Yes, it’s a kind of channel where you must speak instead of write, just like a regular group call but it can be divided into groups and limited to certain numbers of participants. Those kinds of features are helping us to play a game or to discuss something related to the game. Although Discord is no longer exclusive for a gamer, it is still helpful in another case such as a Discord channel for studying.

I am currently in an advanced stage of the Generasi Gigih Program. This program also uses discord since the beginner stage. Discord is very useful for this case because there are many participants from 3 different groups. So, a divided channel is needed for that. It will be easier to discuss something in each specific group. There is also a voice channel that can be used to sharing ideas directly through Livestream your screen. That is why I like this tech product.



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